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How does a Class III purchase procedure work?
You tell us the three magic words - "I'll take it". Send a check for your purchase, along with the name of the Class 3 Dealer you will be using to complete the transfer in your state. If you do not have a dealer, let us know and we will be happy to connect you with a reputable dealer.

Your dealer will send us the proper paperwork for this first transfer, we prepare the transfer to BATFE immediately, and then once the transfer clears BATF we ship the to your dealer.

Your in-state dealer then prepares Form 4 paperwork, which you will complete. There are three sets of papers for each item you are purchasing: a copy ATF keeps, a copy that will be returned to you with a tax stamp on it, and a copy to be forwarded to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your locale (Sheriff, Chief of Police, State Police Chief, etc...). Each set requires passport-size photos.

You return the completed Form 4's to the in-state dealer, along with (2) fingerprint cards, (1) citizenship authorization, and a transfer tax check made payable to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives for the one time per item transfer tax. (BATFE will accept a credit card for the transfer tax. A place for this info is on the Form 4 paperwork.) A $200.00 transfer tax applies to Short BBL Shotguns, Short BBL Rifles, Machine Guns, Destructive Devices and Suppressors; a $5.00 transfer tax applies to items classified as Any Other Weapons - "AOW".

This paperwork is mailed to BATF and when this transfer clears you go pick up your item.

We email/contact our customers each step of the way, so you will know when your gun arrives in state and the next transfer, from your dealer to you, can begin.

I have an NFA Gun Trust - is the paperwork the same?
Almost. Form 4 paperwork for each item must be prepared, and additionally a "National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire" must be completed for each responsible person listed on the trust. Each person must submit a copy of this form, along with the Form 4, to BATFE and a copy to the Chief Law Enforcement agent in their locale. Additional fees for preparation of paperwork may apply.

How do I buy a suppressor/short bbl shotgun/short bbl rifle/aow/destructive device?
Same procedure as a machine gun.

What does "C & R" mean?
C & R stands for Curio and Relic, which is a classification of articles and firearms as specified by BATF. Some states require that machine gun owners also be federal C&R License holders, but anyone can buy a C&R gun. Also, if you have a C&R license and purchase a C&R gun it may ship directly to you once the transfer is approved, rather than to a Class 3 Dealer in your state before transfer to you.

What are Presamples and Postsamples are why are they cheaper than the other guns?
Both presample and postsample guns are defined by the Gun Control Act/McClure-Volkner Act. Firearms designated "presample" may only be sold to other Class 3 gun dealers, and postsamples may be sold to class 3 dealers with a law letter, law enforcement agencies or the military ONLY! . All the guns on our "autoweapons" page are transferable, which makes them the more desirable guns for most of the population. This is why transferable guns are more expensive.

What is a Class 3 License?
A Class 3 Federal Firearms License is required for dealing, manufacturing, and importing firearms for the express purpose of revenue generation - not collecting. It is a felony to obtain a Class 3 License for the purpose of enhancing your collection.

Do I need a license to buy a machine gun?
No, you don't need a federal firearms license (but you may need a state license.) If you are permitted by law to own a handgun and your state allows the transfer of machine guns, you can buy one (unless you are in a state that requires a C&R License for machine gun ownership.

Where do I get a permit for a machine gun?
You don' t need a permit, either. You do need to complete an "Application For Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm", also known as a Form 4, and this must be submitted to ATF along with, a set of fingerprint cards and passport-size photos. A copy is also mailed to the CLEO in your locale.

What is the charge for this transfer?
When your application to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is submitted there is a $200 transfer tax per item to be paid for machine guns, short bbl shotguns, short bbl rifles and silencers and a $5.00 transfer tax for AOW, directly to ATF. Dealer transfer charges are an additional cost.

How do I make a semi auto gun into a machine gun?
You don't, unless you want to spend the next 20 years in Leavenworth. No new machine guns can be made, as per the 1986 ban. We have to keep trading the ones already out there.

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